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About BlueHive Solutions

The team at BlueHive looks a lot like our customers’ teams for a reason.

Founder Brian Cook is an aviation and aerospace operations professional, with a passion for keeping expensive assets operating in a safe, efficient and effective manner through the use of innovative logy. His 30+ years of experience involved engineering design, manufacturing, maintenance and operations of highly complex aircraft systems, also known as product and service lifecycle management. In other words, he was an integral part of teams just like yours, and he was often saddled with implementations of clunky operations management systems and compliance software that did not meet the needs of the aerospace community.

BlueHive was born, quite simply, of frustration.

When he founded his own services business with a focus on improving current maintenance tools and WBS software, Brian finally was able to do something about his frustration through the creation of a better cloud CMMS & EAM solution that, simply put just works. Research revealed there was a good reason he was never satisfied with any of the systems he was required to use at prior jobs… the ideal system simply didn’t exist. So, Brian’s team developed a PC-based CMMS & EAM software product which met the requirements for both their business objectives and their own regulatory obligations.
With his own personal services business success, Brian soon found his clients asking how they could get their hands on the product to use in their own operations. At that point the business plan for BlueHive took off in a new direction, including harnessing the power of the platform.

Industry Applications

Streamline management in complex industries with complex assets in a regulatory environment.


Brian Cook

Founder/ CEO

25+ years in complex technical operations (aerospace manufacturing, aircraft maintenance & operations)

George Sowards

Founder/ CTO

25+ years in systems architecture, developing CRM solutions & business critical systems